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Household Model of Care

A Whole New Concept of Care

The new retirement community is one of the few Person-Centered Care Household designs in the area. Person-centered care is a "new" concept of care; it's not a typical institutional model of nursing home care, but rather a more homelike environment where residents have a say in their day-to-day lives in a setting that closely resembles their home. The goal of the new St. Paul’s Senior Community is to transform the old institutional culture to a new culture of caring designed to treat the whole person - their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and occupational needs.Senior Fun

Person-centered care is not just about a building design or a homelike environment. While there is no specific model or set of practices, the Board of Directors of St. Paul’s Senior Community believes that in a true person-centered environment, residents are offered choices and encouraged to make their own decisions. Closer relations between staff and residents are fostered with the same staff consistently providing care to the same residents. Staff are trained and have the authority to respond on their own to resident needs, increasing personal responsibility, reducing delays and flattening management hierarchy. Culture change is an ongoing process of overall performance improvement, and research has demonstrated organizations with a person-centered model of care experience higher resident and family satisfaction, higher occupancy rates, reduced staff turnover and related expenses, improved clinical outcomes, greater operating cost efficiencies, and improved survey and inspection results.

The design will be guided by our philosophy:

  • Life holds great meaning, no matter where we live.
  • Residents want and need to have some decisions that they can make on their own.
  • The staff that work in a supportive culture are caring, competent, and feel a great sense of pride in living the mission.
  • Enriching the environment enriches life.
  • Person-centered care improves life for persons with dementia.